Our perceptions of life define our very existence into the reality we create as we hedge through life’s circumstances. Our thoughts and our actions create a ripple effect that the world around us responds to including our relationships, opportunities, and again what vibration our thoughts are aligned with. We give our minds responsibility to make our decisions for us when actuality it is the captain of our will. Our will fuels our desires and passions which is directly connected to our hearts. Contrary to old Cartesian model that mind is separate from the body and soul, psychology has shown us that in fact we are more connected to our bodies, hearts, and souls that you might perceive. In fact not much separates us from any other atom whether be plant, animal, air, or even another human being. Understanding this interconnectedness is the model of Mind Heart Body Soul. And knowing that Mind is more or less an extension of our-self, our wills, our souls it may be an interchangeable concept. A busy life can clutter the mind and increase levels of stress and anxiety. In order to detoxify our lives from mundane operations and stressful situations it is important to clear our brain from its busy operations of responding to the wills desires. Having a healthy brain is essential for us to conduct our lives clearly and well focused. And just like a computer that needs to defrag or be wiped from virus, so does our brain need a reset. Knowing how to balance ourselves and re-set can be done with intention.


The body is our temple which houses our soul. This simple and profound statement is known to those who choose to explore the meaning of life and our purpose on this earth. Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? These are existential questions that everyone should ask themselves. When begin to remember that our souls chose this life, this experience, these circumstances then we can now see our living as part of our journey. The body is what houses our soul and our five senses act as an indicator to what our emotional and spiritual body are experiencing. When we choose to ignore what our bodies are telling us, then we are not living honestly with ourselves. If your body has pain, aches, cancer, addictions, diseases, and viruses then there is a disturbance in energetic field or emotional body that has not been healed. When we learn to read our physical symptoms as a symptom to something we have not healed in our emotional body then we can begin to live honestly with ourselves. Taking time to breathe and pay attention to what our body can tell us is an important part to living holistically and honestly with ourselves. If you’re tired, it’s time to sleep. If you’re hungry it’s time to eat. If your headaches slow down. If you have chest pains take deep breaths. If you are lethargic go for a run.


Our heart pumps the blood of life through us and responds to our emotional experiences as it interprets the meaning of thought. Has your heart ever hurt during a break-up or death in family? Has your heart ever felt like it sank to the bottom of your stomach when hearing bad news? That is because our heart is a feeling organ that communicates with the rest of your body. Having an intact heart and emotional body allows for us to understand our emotions better and communicate how it affects us. Knowing your feelings and speaking them begins the journey of healing. When you can learn to speak your truth and enhance our intuitive nature then the heart begins to live balanced and healthy. When you you’re your heart this gives rise to intuition. Intuition creates clarity to make better decisions and have more accuracy in our interactions with others and the world. Learning to tap into the emotional body or heart and having better self-expression can improve our relationships as well as business. The more we learn to tap into our heart and emotional body the better we are equipped for success. Clearing blocked chakras will also help realign and balance the self. The elements of our program assist with self-reflection and understanding how our patterns affect how we interact with the world around us.


The soul keeps us connected to God, Creator, and Source energy. The soul is that intangible part of self that is infinite and carries our essence. The soul is our will and captain of our ship it steers our purpose and sets us in line with our destiny. We have free will to choose our plans and chart our course, but are born into various life circumstances. It’s important to remember that we come from intelligent design, and are here in this reality to gain the experience, love, knowledge, and wisdom in order to learn the lessons our soul needs. We have come to this point in our journey to catapult our remembrance of purpose.